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I N D I V I D U A L  S T U D E N T  P R O J E C T



Neighborhood Park Planner is an augmented reality activity that encourages groups of 3-4 participants to discuss, draw, and visualize their ideal neighborhood park. The intent of these workshops is to create a user-to-designer pipeline that informs park planning processes and encourages a higher level of citizen control in local politics/decision-making for their respective communities.

I N I T I A L  S K E T C H E S  &  T E S T S 

Assets and visuals made in Blender, Unity, and Aero.

W O R K S H O P  D E S I G N

T H E  A P P R O A C H

Using AR as a component of the activity resulted in a playful and engaging feedback response to the conversations outlined in steps 1-4. With this approach, groups can actively design and visualize their park in a low-fidelity manner that places their decisions onto the physical world. The goal is to make this workshop as accessible as possible, thus, user flexibility is key in considering, drawing, and placing the map/props.


Top view of the drawn map from the activity facilitated below.

D E S I G N  P I P E L I N E

To speculate on a participant-to-designer pipeline, the programmed weight paint tool allows park designers to visualize the participants’ decisions. Here, the designer paints over sections of the map according to the designated nodes drawn from the workshop. The props are then automatically spawned based on the Collection (prop) assigned in the Geometry Nodes programming interface. This adds another layer to providing direct visual feedback to the participants once steps 1-6 are complete.

O N L I N E  A R C H I V E

Once the entire process is finished, the workshop documentation is uploaded onto an online archive (created using HTML+server host). This way, designers, landscape architects, legislators, and additional stakeholders involved in the planning process have a digital library of participant input. Click here to go to the page.

Screenshot 2022-12-28 193227.jpg
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